Celtics land Evan Fournier from the Magic in a total steal

Phoenix Suns v Orlando Magic
Phoenix Suns v Orlando Magic / Alex Menendez/Getty Images

It's deadline day in the NBA and the Boston Celtics have made a monster splash before the final whistle. How so? Well, according to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Boston has completed a deal with the Orlando Magic to acquire sharpshooter Evan Fournier.

Fournier can head to Boston and no question make an immediate impact for the team. So, what did the Celtics give up to land him? Two second-round picks?

Holy smokes, how were the Celtics able to pull this off? Fournier is in the middle of a fantastic season for the Magic, averaging 19.7 points per game. He's also shooting better than 46 percent from the floor and nearly 39 percent on his 3-point attempts.

Yet, all Boston had to give up was a pair of second-rounders? Fans all over Massachusettas are celebrating this move. Boston got Fournier, someone who is averaging almost 20 points a game, for a steal.