Celtics' Biggest Mistake Was Thinking Kyrie Irving Would Ever Be a Fit

Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics - Game Three
Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics - Game Three / Maddie Meyer

The 2019 offseason isn't exactly panning out the way the Boston Celtics had hoped. After losing out on the sweepstakes for Anthony Davis, the Celtics' next move seems fairly unclear. They're also preparing to lose their biggest star in Kyrie Irving.

Boston brought in Kyrie two years ago after the deconstruction of the Cleveland Cavaliers' championship squad. Although, at the time, Kyrie seemed like a good fit to put the Celtics over the edge, it soon became clear how that wasn't the case, but Danny Ainge should've seen this coming.

How he handled his exit from Cleveland, according to the reports at the time, should've been all they needed to know. On top of that, he's a ball-dominant point guard and disrupts the flow of an offensive system such as the one Brad Stevens runs in Boston. How were these things not considered?

Through all the events that have transpired during this year's offseason, it seems as though Kyrie Irving never really cared much for Boston. After an Eastern Conference Finals loss in 2018 (during which he was injured) and a second-round exit this past year, Kyrie doesn't even want to speak with the Celtics about a possible return, according to the latest buzz.

While he provided a superstar presence and championship mentality, he never quite meshed with the rest of his Celtics teammates. Not only that, but he's completely screwing over their long-term plans after saying he planned to re-sign with them once the season ended.

Although nothing is set in stone, Kyrie's time in Boston looks like it has come to an end. Whether or not either side can admit it, the end of this relationship is without a doubt a good thing for both parties.