CC Sabathia's Son Absolutely Dwarfed Marcus Stroman at All-Star Game and it's Insane

Listen, CC Sabathia is a notably tall dude. By contrast, Marcus Stroman is a notably small dude.

Those genetics were on full display when CC's son went to meet the Blue Jays (and possible future Yankee?) ace at the All-Star festivities this week.

No, he won't be known as "Little C" much longer!

Sabathia, who was invited to the All-Star Game in Cleveland to honor his legendary career that started with the Indians, brought his family along for the historic night. Stroman, despite being unable to pitch in the game itself, earned his spot on the All-Star team and was invited to take part in all the pregame festivities.

Stroman's 5-8 stature is not something that he's shied away from since the beginning of his career -- it's something he actually embraces. He came up with "HDMH" -- Height Doesn't Measure Heart -- and uses it to inspire baseball players all around the world who don't stand as tall as the rest.

Both Stroman and Sabathia are guys with plenty of heart on the diamond; their devotions to the game are never questioned and they always leave everything on the mound.

That may be one of the only things they have in common, though.