Cavs Fans Shouldn't Get a Pass for Reacting Like Complete Babies to 'The Decision'

LeBron James, Jim Gray
LeBron James Announces His Future NBA Plans | Larry Busacca/Getty Images

LeBron James' infamous "The Decision" was admittedly not the greatest moment of his career. Broadcasting his decision to leave his hometown to form a super-team in Miami with a 75-minute ESPN broadcast was not a great look. Even still, there's no excuse for the way Cleveland Cavaliers fans acted after the reveal.

Being upset makes sense: LeBron is the greatest thing that ever happened to Cleveland sports, and seeing a kid from Akron lead the franchise was special for Ohio fans. Cavs fans weren't just sad though, they were whiny children.

Somehow the narrative quickly became that LeBron "owed Cleveland" for his success, and that him leaving was a betrayal of his fans. In reality, LeBron owed the city nothing, and still chose to donate all of the money made from "The Decision" to the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Fans burned James' jerseys, and immediately turned on him after seven years of hard work on and off the court. Many wished him the worst in Miami, and quickly turned on their hometown hero. No one turned faster on LeBron than the team's owner Dan Gilbert.

Saying your franchise's greatest ever player is a bad example for children is purely disgusting. It is not at all how a team's owner should behave, and was emblematic of the public's overall reaction to LeBron's departure.

Bill Simmons, the former ESPN NBA writer recently revealed to have played a part in making 'The Decision' happen, also gave the horrible take that LeBron leaving Cleveland was a result of him not having a father figure growing up.

It's absolutely horrendous the way James was treated. For whatever reason, their poor behavior was rewarded when King James returned home and won a title for the Cavs in 2016. Go figure.