Carson Wentz's Injury History is Now Truly Becoming a Disturbing Trend for Eagles

Carson Wentz, Jadeveon Clowney
Carson Wentz suffered yet another injury. | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Whether by his fault or by illicit means, Carson Wentz just can't stay healthy as the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. That disturbing trend continued Sunday afternoon, as he took a shot to the head and had to leave the game against the Seattle Seahawks, undoing plenty of progress previously accrued in 2019.

This marks the third straight season the Eagles have made the postseason, and Wentz has only contributed a few snaps (all on this very day!) during the team's runs. The past two years, we were given Nick Foles for the entire duration of the postseason. Wentz, at least, started this postseason healthy, and could've returned if the Eagles made a deep run.

Instead, it's just another hindrance to a stunted career.

No one should be blaming Wentz for these injuries, of course. Sunday's disaster hinged almost entirely on an illicit Jadeveon Clowney hit. But it's impossible to avoid noting how terrible his luck has been, and it may be time to talk about being more careful and making his own luck.

The Eagles were lucky enough to win the Super Bowl during the 2017 season with Foles at quarterback. Yet the team committed to Wentz as the quarterback of the future, and finished their playoff run with Josh McCown under center. Just like they drew it up.

Wentz may go on to have a long career in Philadelphia and finally have some postseason success of his own. But based on the current sample we have, it feels almost expected he will suffer an injury right before or during the postseason.

Any angry fans should keep in mind, however, that Wentz is the one suffering these injuries, which could be life-changing, by choice. He is obviously not doing this on purpose, and wants to be out there.

Hopefully this head injury is nothing too serious, and won't have any long-term negative effects. At the very least, it's another blip, and another season over too soon.