VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony is Totally Sure He'll Play NBA Basketball This Year Despite Zero Evidence

Despite the fact that there are several teams who could do worse than trying out his services, there has been zero proof to suggest that Carmelo Anthony is closing in on an actual NBA return. Sure, the Lakers, Knicks, and Nets have all reportedly shown (minimal at best) interest in signing the 10-time All-Star, but nothing has come close to coming to fruition. But don't tell that to Melo himself, who guaranteed to TMZ that he will be playing in the Association at some point this year. How confident is he? 2,000% confident, to be exact.

Making this clip all the more alluring is the fact that Carmelo stated that he's even open to a return to the Knicks. "We open, man. We open to every opportunity," he said.


To be fair, Anthony, now 35 years old and hasn't played in the league since his brief, failed tenure with the Houston Rockets early last season. He probably should be willing to accept any offer that he receives... so of course he'd claim that he'd welcome a return to the Big Apple.

There's no doubting that Melo can still get a bucket here and there, but what has deterred teams from taking a chance is his laughable defensive effort, which wasn't remotely impressive even at the top of his prime. Being positive is one thing, but this level of confidence from a man on the outside of the league looking in isn't quite warranted.