Carlos Correa is Only Astros Player Who Deserves Your Respect After Sham Media Session

Carlos Correa
Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa | Elsa/Getty Images

Since players across the MLB began reporting for Spring Training, members of the Houston Astros have been bombarded with questions regarding the newsworthy cheating scandal which resulted in punishment for former manager AJ Hinch and former GM Jeff Luhnow. As a result, most of the apologies we have received were very cliche and insincere from the players involved.

However, Astros shortstop Carlos Correa so far has been the only member of the team that has handled the questions well.

While most Astros players offered weak apologies they were basically forced to say to the media, Correa admitted that the sign-stealing gave them an unfair advantage.

Other members of the Astros avoided that topic. Astros owner Jim Crane even went as far as saying that their cheating did not impact the game, which is absurd.

Correa put his name with his statements. When asked about the allegations of Houston using buzzers in 2019, he denied them personally. He did not take the route of A.J. Hinch and Jose Altuve by saying that the investigation found nothing.

As most of the Astros' could not handle the pressure from the press, Correa was upfront and honest (as far as we know) with everything he had to say. While many fans may still despise him for his actions, they ought to respect him more than his teammates.