Cardinals WR Christian Kirk Buys Random Fan Whataburger in Excellent Low-Risk Gesture

Professional athletes don't really have to do much to connect with fans other than perform on the gridiron, diamond, court, etc. After all, seeing their favorite team succeed conveys a euphoric feeling that can't exactly be described in words.

However, once in a while athletes will go out of their way to make one particular fan's day just because they're in the mood to do so.

On Thursday, Arizona Cardinals sophomore wideout Christian Kirk offered to buy a random buff a meal from Whataburger after he was tagged in a post on Twitter.

Asking for @Rocket_kid7's venmo is about as classy and 2019 as it gets, people. It's also an impressively low-risk offering that won't see him making headlines, even though the Texas A&M product's mentions are undoubtedly filled with tweeters pleading for him to cover their meals expenses.

It truly is the little things that carry the biggest themes. Something tell us that this fan will remember Kirk's gesture for the rest of his (or her) life.