Cardinals Minor Leaguer Calls Out Vice President Mike Pence Over Hypocritical Tweet

Minor league baseball players are struggling with a lot at the moment, having to do with their careers both on and off the field.

Currently, they are feeling the effects of concerning salary cuts throughout MLB and MiLB while the game is on pause. Outside of the financial issues at hand, America is currently up in arms and protesting about the acts of excessive force that led to the death of George Floyd.

As a result of the latter, a member of the Cardinals organization has decided to call out one of the most powerful men in America. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence posted a tweet about how he stands for the American right to protest...peacefully. As a result, Rob Kaminsky of the Cardinals decided to remind everyone where Pence stood just a few years ago.

The Colts game in question took place back in 2017 against the 49ers. Pence decided to leave the game after seeing a handful of players were kneeling for the national anthem, a form of peaceful protest that Colin Kaepernick started using the season prior in San Francisco. While Pence will try to sound innocent, his tweets from that night have resurfaced.

Kaminsky makes a good point with his reply. Pence is trying to say that he will allow for peaceful protest, but just a few years ago, he was so against it that he could not stand to stay at the Colts-Niners game, creating a stunt and flying into town just to show his disapproval. Knowing Pence’s previous track record, this comes as deceitful at best.