Cardinals Get Absolutely Bodied by David Johnson Fantasy Owners After Snarky Chase Edmonds Tweet

Usually, NFL teams refrain from commenting on the implications their games have on fantasy football.

However, the Arizona Cardinals couldn't help but post a snarky tweet on social media after Chase Edmonds had a career day against the New York Giants.

Well, that backfired spectacularly on them, thanks to ESPN fantasy football guru Matthew Berry, who pointed out that David Johnson still received the first touch of the game and was expected to handle a full workload this week.

Yeah, so the Cardinals should probably ignore their Twitter account right now, as David Johnson fantasy owners are coming for their throats right now.

These guys really got burned this week.

Even other fantasy analysts got in on the fun. Dave Richards of CBS Sports probably advised countless fantasy football players to start Johnson with confidence against a decimated Giants defense.

Finally, someone rightfully called out the Cardinals for not disclosing accurate information on Johnson's injury.

I don't know what's worse: the fact that the Cardinals made that snarky of a tweet, or the literal format in which the Cardinals posted the original tweet about Edmonds. Someone within the Cardinals' social media department has way too much time on their hands to be creating a bunny and a misaligned text box.