Cardinals Fan Asked Team for 13 Runs in 3 Innings the Morning of NLDS Game 5

We can probably count on one hand how many St. Louis Cardinals fans predicted their club to cinch a spot in the NLCS before the end of the first inning of Wednesday night's win-or-go-home Game 5.

Some fans who don't possess that kind of forecasting prowess, however, opted to tag the Cards on Twitter pleading for their offense to put up a profusion of runs early to seal the deal.

Folks, the buff coincidentally asked for 13 runs within the first three innings of the game.

Care to guess what the scoreline read after the third frame? Thanks to two St. Louis runs in the top half of the inning, it was 13-0 in favor of the Red Birds.

This could be premature on our end, but we think it might be time to call @LucasK2024 a legend amongst the Cardinals devotees. Any St. Louis fan needs to thank this man for the club's domination on Wednesday night, immediately.

His absurd proposal was so spot on that it even induced a reply from the Cards' official Twitter account.

Just when you think you've seen it all, right?

We'd like to think that this can be coined the icing on top of an unforgettable night for Cardinals fans.