Dexter Fowler Insults Pizza Gods With Take on St. Louis Garbage Slices

St. Louis Cardinals OF Dexter Fowler shared a wild pizza take.
St. Louis Cardinals OF Dexter Fowler shared a wild pizza take. /

Civic pizza pride is almost as extreme as fandom in sports. People in Chicago will go to their graves claiming the hometown deep dish is the best, while those in New York City will go on about how the giant slices of thiner crust are superior.

Then there's gross St. Louis pizza. This style features extremely thin, crispy crust cut up into small squares. Such bad pizza should be able to unite those in Chicago and New York to at least say the St. Louis style is a distant third in the rankings. So why is this being talked about? St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler got pizza fans worked up with a tweet that may only feature a small amount of trolling.

This is one of those great tweets where the individual can just wait for the angry replies to roll in. Fowler spent two seasons in Chicago and knows any followers he has from that time may do a double-take about this tweet.

Cardinals fans will surely love this tweet and it will only help the "he gets us" meter for Fowler. Maybe he actually is telling the truth. If not, don't let Cardinals fans find out. The actual truth about their pizza may break their hearts.