Arizona Cardinals' head coach Kliff Kingsbury recently revealed that he would be giving his players cell phone breaks in order to keeps tabs on family and (for some reason) browse social media.

And if we ever had advice for these players, it would be to tread lightly while on the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Why, you ask? Well, per Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic, Kingsbury admitted during a 2016 podcast interview with former NFL linebacker A.J. Hawk that he used fake burner accounts to supervise his Texas Tech players.

“We have fake accounts with cute girls that they add right now so we can see what’s going on, who’s tweeting what,” Kingsbury said. “Those are heavily monitored, for sure."

The 39-year-old HC even admitted that its not much of a challenge to interact with his players.

“Friend requests from cute girls are an automatic follow,” he added.

Talk about a violation of privacy. Does this guy work for the CIA?

Kingsbury would later add that his "grand" plan was for an end-of-season social media presentation.

“Once a year, we’ll capture the most absurd posts our team makes and we make a big presentation and have a lot of fun with it,” he said.

Nice try, Kliff. You don't need to hide behind a burner account to expose your players' most outlandish posts. They're in college, that's likely to happen anyway.

Just have staff scroll through profiles throughout the season. There's absolutely no need to try and seduce your players (who have your trust by the way) into making a fool of themselves. That's as bizarre of a coaching method as we've ever seen.