Capitals Place Brendan Leipsic on Waivers After Disgusting Instagram Group Chat Leaks to Public

Washington Capitals' Brendan Leipsic
Washington Capitals' Brendan Leipsic / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Brendan Leipsic's apology for an Instagram group chat that leaked -- in which he berated teammates and used demeaning language when discussing women, including the wives of fellow NHL players -- has led to his contract termination.

The Washington Capitals acted swiftly on Friday morning, placing Leipsic on waivers and very likely signaling the end of his career in the NHL for quite some time. Not only did Leipsic's comments lead to public outcry, but the lack of respect showed to family members of some of the best the NHL has to offer will not land him another job quickly.

There was no statement from the Caps, and no direct damnation of what Leipsic's actions have bestowed upon him. The act of eliminating his NHL salary seems to have acted as a comment in its own right.

Perhaps more importantly, Leipsic's talent at hockey's highest level isn't overwhelming enough to keep him on a roster despite his now-obvious faults. In four NHL seasons, he's registered just 59 points for five different organizations. He has not made an impact, period.

We give Washington credit, as a half-assed apology after the fact wasn't enough to alter the inevitable. Leipsic is jobless, as he should be in this moment.