Calvin Johnson Should Spike the Football and Come Out of Retirement to Join Buccaneers

Former Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson
Former Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson / Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

At this point, why not? The NFL is buzzing beyond belief right now and the fans want more.

That's why we need 34-year-old Calvin Johnson to come out of retirement and join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The former All-Pro wideout retired after the 2015 campaign, so we can assume he's fresh to team up with Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, right?

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We're already thinking about it!

Relax guys, we know this isn't going to happen, but wouldn't it be incredible? Johnson spent so many years wasting away in Detroit with his career ending on a sour note when the team tried to recoup money from his contract. Returning to spite them with a good shot at winning the Super Bowl would be the perfect revenge.

It's not like he'd have to be the main guy, either. After all, he hasn't played in almost five years and he's in his mid-30s. His presence on the field would be enough of a force while Evans, Gronk and Godwin open up opportunities for him, especially in the red zone. And Brady throwing him fades to the corner? Come on.

This would officially blow the lid off the 2020 NFL season. Forget about the draft this week. We need entertainment like this. At this point, Roger Goodell is Vince McMahon and we're watching a football version of the WWE.