VIDEO: Cal Ripken Jr Has Old-School Comment as to How He Would've Handled Astros Sign-Stealing

Baltimore Orioles legend Cal Ripken Jr
Baltimore Orioles legend Cal Ripken Jr

Cal Ripken, Jr. was from a different baseball era, but somehow in MLB, the unwritten rules rarely change. The Orioles legend discussed the Astros sign-stealing scandal to CBS, stating his O's teams would've sent a clear message in the moment.

That's one way to solve a problem.

Not only would Ripken use such means as a warning, but also a version of psychological warfare. If the Astros dugout relayed the wrong sign, there'd be a level of distrust from the batter starting on the next pitch. Having their life flash before their eyes, as Ripken, Jr. so eloquently puts it, would likely place some doubt in the minds of Astros hitters moving forward, especially if it happened repeatedly.

The backlash from the commissioner's office would be a small price to pay for saving the integrity of the game.

In most sports, we roll our eyes whenever the old heads try to give advice to the new generation. In this specific case, MLB players ought to listen to what Ripken, Jr. has to say.

We'd never advocate violence, but the Astros are likely to face some whenever the 2020 season begins.