MLB Insider Says Some Star Players Could Sit Out Shortened 2020 Season

Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Dodgers / John McCoy/Getty Images

While the MLB owners agreeing to prorated salaries was a massive win for the players trying to force a restart of the 2020 season, trying to cut said slate down to 50 games was so unpopular that some of the game's finest might not want to participate either way.

Olney claims that if the season is shortened to 50 games, some players might just sit out as to not jeopardize themselves for 2021 and beyond.

“I think there’s an excellent chance that you’re going to have a lot of players who are going to choose not to participate,” Olney said. "Either because of legitimate health concerns, maybe family underlying health issues, people they don’t want to expose to coronavirus. But you also might have some guys who are eligible for free agency in the fall who, like college football players don’t play in bowl games, might say, ‘Not worth it.’

Olney cites Houston Astros outfielder George Springer and Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts, both of whom will make huge contracts on the free agent market, as players who will gain nothing of value if they play in a 50-game season.

Beyond the obvious financial reasons, Olney claims the owners are nervous about the season going into November, as a potential second wave of COVID-19 could jeopardize the World Series and almost $1 billion in broadcast revenue.

Despite being owners of baseball teams, it seems like there is nothing these billionaires want to do less than play baseball this year, and players are unwilling to entertain their paltry 50 game offer.