4 Bulls Players You Would’ve Never Guessed Led the Team in Scoring

Bulls power forward Toni Kukoc
Bulls power forward Toni Kukoc / BRIAN BAHR/Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls have seen so many players arrive to the Windy City and have head-turning careers with the organization. From winning championships with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to Derrick Rose being the only other MVP not named Jordan in Bulls history, all three men have spent time leading Chicago in points per game. With that being said, here are a few guys in Bulls history you would not think of that also accomplished the same feat.

4. Reggie Theus

Theus at the free throw line
Theus at the free throw line / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Believe it or not, there was actually a Bulls team that existed before the Jordan era. At the time, Reggie Theus was the man leading the charge in Chicago. His best season came in 1982-83, where he averaged 23.8 points to lead all Bulls in scoring that season. He also made one of his two All-Star appearances the same year. Theus is a forgotten name in terms of one of the best scorers of his generation.  

3. Jalen Rose

Jalen Rose during his time with the Bulls
Jalen Rose during his time with the Bulls / G Fiume/Getty Images

Jalen Rose was traded from Indiana to Chicago in 2002, and immediately became the most talented player on the Bulls. Averaging 23.8 points per game, Rose was far and ahead the best scorer on the team. Don’t let the glasses that Rose wears on ESPN every day fool you. During his time in the NBA, he was a walking bucket. Although his time in Chicago was short-lived, he should not get lost in the fold.

2. Toni Kukoc

Kukoc driving to the basket
Kukoc driving to the basket / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Toni Kukoc had to earn the respect of Jordan and Pippen at the 1992 Olympics. Seven years later, one year after The Last Dance of 1998, Kukoc was supposed to lead the Bulls into a new era. He held up his end of the bargain, as he averaged 18.8 points per game during the 1998-99 season. For a guy who was not highly favored with Bulls fans, Kukoc still deserves his just due in team history.

1. Eddy Curry

Curry going up for a layup against the Kings
Curry going up for a layup against the Kings / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Viewed as one of the biggest draft busts of the 21st century, Eddy Curry actually had some decent years in the league. During his 2004-2005 campaign, Curry led all Bulls scorers with 16.1 points per game. Curry parlayed his time with Chicago into a clunker of a free agent deal for the Knicks, which left both sides disappointed. Nonetheless, Curry was at one time the leading scorer for the Bulls.