3 Bulls One-Hit Wonders We Wish Hadn't Disappeared

Nate Robinson's time in Chicago didn't last long but he made the most of it.
Nate Robinson's time in Chicago didn't last long but he made the most of it. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

When someone mentions the Chicago Bulls, the same names always come to mind: Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Derrick Rose. The Bulls have had plenty of great players across their time in the NBA, but these three never got their chance to cement themselves as Bulls fan favorites.

These former-Bulls had their time in Chicago cut short, and could've done so much more in Windy City if they were given the chance.

3. F Doug McDermott

Former Chicago Bulls forward Doug McDermott
Former Chicago Bulls forward Doug McDermott / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Creighton product Doug McDermott was supposed to solve the Bulls' small forward problem. What then-coach Fred Hoiberg didn't realize was that McDermott is best suited to play PF, not SF. In 2017, McDermott was traded after a disappointing 2.5 seasons in Chicago. This year on the Indiana Pacers, 'Dougie McBuckets' has had a career resurgence, scoring a career high 10.4 points per game playing as a stretch four. If only he was used properly in Chicago.

2. PG Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson is most remembered for being the high-flying 5-9 point guard who won three dunk contests, but Bulls fans will also remember Robinson for his clutch scoring. In Game 4 of a first-round series against the Brooklyn Nets in 2013, the point guard exploded for 34 points to lead the Bulls to a victory. Nate Robinson was the hero no one expected, but sadly he left for Denver in 2013 after only one season in Chicago.

1. PG Rajon Rondo

The Bulls came into the 2017 playoffs as an eight seed expecting to be swept by the East-leading Boston Celtics. Rajon Rondo decided that wasn't going to happen. The Bulls took Game 1 and Game 2 on the road behind 11.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 10 assists per game from Rondo who was hungry for revenge against his former team. Sadly, Rondo missed the rest of the series with a thumb injury, and the Bulls lost the next four games. Rondo was waived in the offseason, and Bulls fans were left wondering what could've been.