Budweiser Reveals Limited Edition Donald Cerrone Cans Ahead of Conor McGregor Fight at UFC 246

Cowboy Cerrone Budweiser Can
Cowboy Cerrone Budweiser Can

Conor McGregor has the backing of Proper 12, and now Donald Cerrone has the official backing of Budweiser for UFC 246 this Saturday.

Budweiser recently announced that the cans will be sold in Las Vegas this week all the way up until the fight, and if pictures are anything to go by, these look sick.

Donald Cerrone is one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, even if he lacks a championship belt on his resume. He makes a point of entertaining the fans at every opportunity, both inside and outside the ring. Considering one of his most popular moments that endeared him to fans was him drinking a beer out of a shoe, it seems the partnership with Budweiser is only natural.

Just look how happy he is! Donald Cerrone is one of the baddest dudes in the fight game, and has always been willing to go toe to toe with anyone for the sake of entertaining the fans. His own signature Budweiser can further proves he's a man of the people.