NFL Writer Thinks the Texans' Offense Will Be Better Without DeAndre Hopkins in Worst Hot Take Ever

Deshaun Watson
NFL writer Bucky Brooks believes that the Texans have a better offense now with DeAndre Hopkins gone. | Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Houston Texans have been the subject of criticism this offseason after the team inexplicably traded stud wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for minimal return. Many expect the Texans offense to have a major drop off in production, but not one NFL writer.

Bucky Brooks of NFL Media wrote a column on Friday stating his belief that Houston's offense will be better without Hopkins on the roster.

Yes, you read that right.

"Before you fire off a nasty tweet or blow up my Instagram account, I'm not dismissing Hopkins' talents as a three-time All-Pro and arguably the best receiver in football," writes Brooks, via "I just believe the Texans' offense will be more diverse and explosive with a committee approach at receiver that will enable Deshaun Watson to become an even better high-end distributor."

Brooks knows that his opinion is an unpopular one, but he believes the Texans have more balanced variety of pass-catchers on the offense now. After Hopkins got shipped to the desert, Houston signed Randall Cobb off the open market and acquired Brandin Cooks from the Los Angeles Rams. Those new receivers join Will Fuller and Kenny Stills, creating, in Brooks' mind, a "track team" for Deshaun Watson, a potential MVP candidate.

Even though we respect the effort Brooks put into his explanation, we simply must disagree. Cooks and Fuller have both shown the inability to stay healthy throughout their careers, which will hurt Watson. Besides, you don't trade away a top-tier receiver in the league. You just don't.

If Brooks is somehow vindicated, the I-told-you-so will be epic. But don't bet on that happening.