Bucks Troll Lakers With Funny Graphic After Preseason Win

The Lakers have had a rough stretch of things over the past few seasons, so now that they're poised to be back on top, they're trying to fire up the fan base over every win. And that means EVERY win, as the team posted a warning shot to the NBA on Twitter after taking down the Warriors... in the preseason.

Well, in order to mock the Lakers, the Bucks fired out a tweet of their own, and it's hilarious. It seems that Milwaukee didn't forget that these games matter for absolutely nothing.

Yeah, sorry Lakers. No one, and we mean NO ONE, cares that you dismantled the Warriors in the preseason. And the Bucks made sure LA knew that with their hilarious tweet.

For a team that has the second most championships in NBA history, the Lakers are getting amped up over the most minimal of victories. Yeah, they haven't won a title in nine years, but the Bucks haven't won in nearly a half-century and even they aren't putting any stock into a preseason bout.

The average fan, or even the casual fan, would hope the Lakers would play into the joke, but their account hasn't acknowledged the Bucks' tweet at all.

May this be a lesson for the Lakers social media team: if it's the preseason, it's not worth bragging about.

Sorry Lake Show, but no one is impressed by this one.