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Bryce Harper Shouts Out Dave Portnoy in Instagram Comments for No Reason After Walk-Off Grand Slam

Oh, Bryce! You had such a good thing going, and this is how you choose to celebrate it?

Harper hit his third home run in the last two games, coincidentally when Charlie Manuel was named hitting coach, when he took Derek Holland deep to right field and gave the Philadelphia Phillies a 7-5 win over the Chicago Cubs with a walk-off grand slam. To celebrate the event on Instagram, Harper shouted out none other than...Dave Portnoy? What?

At least we now know that Bryce has come out as firmly anti-union.

But Wait, What is Ferda?

Bryce's caption on his Instagram post read "Ferda #tapiopa" and unless you're a stoolie, you're probably not all that familiar with what this is. Apparently, "Ferda" is short (and slang) for "for the boys" and it's just abbreviated to make everyone way dumber than they already are.

As for tapiopa, we're really not sure.

Imagine being a Philly fan right now. Your prize free agent acquisition finally starts hitting like the superstar he is, he gives you your biggest win of the season, and he thanks the world's biggest Boston fan and Philadelphia's sworn enemy? Quite the bittersweet moment.

For those of you who aren't fans of Harper or Barstool, you won't see something as blatantly offensive as this for a long time.