Browns QB Baker Mayfield Slams Media on Instagram for Misquoting Him in Daniel Jones Fiasco

You just knew there would be more to this story than originally reported. On Tuesday morning, Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield became the most hated man in East Rutherford, New Jersey after word spread of him bashing New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.

In case you missed it, Mayfield clowned the Giants for taking Jones so early in the draft and didn't stop there.

The quotes were pulled from an exclusive interview with GQ Magazine. Well, now that the story has been out for hours, Mayfield has responded and he's clearly not happy with everyone writing about him.

Mayfield took to his Instagram story to emotionally defend what he actually said about Jones and the Giants.

In his response, Mayfield admitted that he even was surprised the Browns took him No. 1 overall and that he wishes Jones nothing but the best with New York.

Before this response was posted, people were bashing Mayfield left and right for what he said. Word even got to Jones, but he had nothing but good things to say about Cleveland's signal caller.

While Mayfield's comments could have been taken out of context, he definitely could've used different words to describe himself being surprise about the Jones pick.

For now, this looks like just a pretty big mix-up. Go ahead and cancel the idea of getting these two guys to square off in a celebrity boxing match.