Browns bring back Kareem Hunt after the Nick Chubb injury

The veteran RB has returned to the Browns on a one-year deal

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns
New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

That didn't take long. On Monday night, the Cleveland Browns suffered a major blow, with star running back Nick Chubb going down with a serious knee injury. Chubb will be out for the rest of the season and it's up in the air if he'll play in 2024 either.

With this injury, Cleveland has wasted no time in adding some help for the running backs room. On Wednesday morning, the team announced they've come to terms with Kareem Hunt on a new one-year deal.

This is a reunion, as Hunt is no stranger to making plays for the Browns. Hunt previously played for the team from 2019-2022. He was a free agent waiting for the phone to ring, with Cleveland deciding to bring him back.

This move makes a ton of sense, as Hunt is quite familiar with the offense. We'll see how he's able to do in this latest stint with the squad.