Brian Windhorst Claims Anthony Davis Told Rich Paul to 'Get Him to the Lakers'

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Klutch 2019 All Star Weekend Dinner / Dominique Oliveto

The countdown to the NBA draft continues, and time is ticking for the Pelicans to pull the trigger on an Anthony Davis deal. As teams are making calls to make the best possible offer for AD, Davis' agent, Rich Paul, has made it clear that his client prefers to go to the Lakers.

Many fans and teams are upset at Paul's actions to force a trade to LA, but NBA insider Brian Windhorst has reported that the agent is simply following the wishes of his client.

It's easy to pin Paul as the bad guy for trying to force an AD trade to LA as his connection with LeBron James can easily be seen as favoritism. However, Davis hired Paul for a reason. If AD doesn't favorite the Lakers as a top destination, he could easily stop Paul from trying to force the trade.

What Paul is doing could actually be seen as admirable if he is simply following the wishes of AD. He is putting the spotlight on himself instead of his client, taking on the role of "the bad guy". Meanwhile, he has made it clear of where his client wants to go and is clearing the path to make the Lakers as the top trade partner.

Paul's relationship with LeBron has tainted his public image. However, he is still one of the top agents in the league for a reason. Some paint it as favoritism, but Paul could simply be doing his job in finding the best scenario for his player.