Brewers Undergoing Roster Purge After Making Playoffs Makes No Sense

Craig Counsell
Wild Card Round - Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals | Will Newton/Getty Images

We have entered the period of the offseason when MLB teams begin to either rebuild or reload. The Milwaukee Brewers aren't rebuilding by any stretch of the imagination, but their decisions so far this offseason have fans rightfully impatient.

Milwaukee has purged a good chunk of their roster, which makes absolutely no sense. Yasmani Grandal and Mike Moustakas are two of the most notable players that will not be returning to the Brewers in 2020.

It's puzzling to think that a team that just played in the postseason isn't tirelessly working to bring back the majority of last year's squad. Unless they have something up their sleeve, this looks like an obvious salary dump.

The only returning infielder from the Brew Crew's 2019 opening day lineup is Orlando Arcia.

The Brewers are going to have to replace a considerable amount of pitching and hitting production before opening day rolls around.

To be fair, Milwaukee still has Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun on their roster, and those are two certified superstars. It's a lot easier to reload when those guys are your foundation.

Still, we are left wondering why the Brewers have not made much of an effort to retain those who had a profound impact on their run last season.