Though it took a bit longer for everything to gel than most of Atlanta would've hoped, this year's vintage of the Braves is starting to resemble last season's surprise NL East champions, but a year more mature.

Over the team's past 11 games, three of which came against the second-place Phillies at home, Atlanta's offense has been absolutely pasting the competition.

Yes, that's a .320 mark as a team, one which would rank ninth in the league if it belonged to an individual. Instead, it's an average of nine men per day mashing in an ensemble.

Speaking of offensive leaderboards, if you're looking for one that catalogs June OPSs, you don't need to look any further than the Braves' everyday lineup. Most of the leaders can be found there, anyway.

Austin Riley, who carried the team through much of May, has "slowed down." And it doesn't much matter.

If you're a Braves fan, nothing would be sweeter than a continued beatdown of the house-of-cards Mets this week before heading to Washington to inflict more pain on another fading rival. You couldn't do much better than these offensive numbers heading into such a showdown.