Braves Legend Chipper Jones Calls Out Blake Snell for Controversial Comments About 2020 MLB Season

Atlanta Braves legend Chipper Jones
Atlanta Braves legend Chipper Jones / Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Major League Baseball is taking too long for our liking to make a decision about the 2020 season. The revenue plan with the players has been at the forefront of the news (though there are many other factors that will play into getting an agreement complete) and it's quite frankly been a bad look for both sides (the owners and MLBPA).

We've heard some former players weigh in on the matter, such as Alex Rodriguez, who was heavily criticized for what he said, and now a Hall of Famer has a stern response in regards to what's going on. Atlanta Braves legend Chipper Jones seems to think the players are at fault here.

He specifically called out Blake Snell -- as did Tom Glavine -- and said the Tampa Bay Rays pitcher's comments needed to be "more tactful." Jones also added that it "wasn't a great look for the players." He's not wrong, considering Snell decided to casually speak on the subject during a Twitch stream while he was playing video games.

In wake of Snell's comments, Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper backed what the Rays pitcher had to say, which is arguably the top endorsement in the game because Harper is the face of the league when you consider how unrecognizable Mike Trout is.

It's easy to see everyone's side here. Jones doesn't think it was the right time, place and phrasing, while Snell felt the need to speak on the matter considering the billionaire owners still stand to make money without having to risk their health one bit.

It's a complicated situation, and all we can really say at this point is that we want baseball back without all of the drama.