Braves Chairman Whining About Potential 2020 Realignment is All Kinds of Weak

Atlanta Braves legend Hank Aaron and chairman Terry McGuirk
Atlanta Braves legend Hank Aaron and chairman Terry McGuirk / Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Major League Baseball is doing everything in its power to start the 2020 regular season as soon (and safely) as possible. The latest proposal includes three 10-team divisions, an expanded postseason and the possibility of teams playing in their own home stadiums.

The division realignment would be entirely fixated on geography -- East, Central, and West. This, of course, would temporarily eliminate the American and National Leagues as we know them. Taking the current state of the nation into consideration, the benefits of such seismic changes are apparent.

However, Atlanta Braves chairman Terry McGuirk is wholly opposed to the club being moved into the Central division.

"That’s not happening," McGuirk told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "There is no possibility of that happening. We live in the East. We play in the East. Our travel will be in the East. We’re an Eastern division team, and that’s where we’ll stay."

Folks, not only are McGuirk's complaints spineless, but they are also fundamentally incorrect. Atlanta is farther west than most out-of-towners realize. Geographically speaking, the Braves don't automatically justify being in the East division. They're more to the west than any other major sports city that's considered "East Coast," which includes New York, Boston, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Toronto, Tampa Bay, and Miami. Atlanta is an outlier here.

In fact, they're further west than Pittsburgh.

This proposal is meant to minimize travel, and it would give the MLB significant flexibility as it previously brainstormed a blueprint that would have sequestered all teams in Arizona and Florida.

Rather than be concerned about the safety of all parties involved, McGuirk is exerting all of his energy whining about the Braves' new opponents. Get your priorities straight, man.