Brad Ausmus Would Be a Trash Hire for the Houston Astros

Brad Ausmus
Former Angels and Tigers manager Brad Ausmus a candidate in Houston | Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

Brad Ausmus is the baseball version of a coaching candidate who just so happens to be Sean McVay's friend, except in the MLB, there is no Sean McVay.

The 50-year-old just looks like a manager. Unfortunately, he does not manage like a competent one. Despite being gifted two of the best players of their generation -- Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout -- on a silver platter, Ausmus failed repeatedly in Detroit and Los Angeles. In his last season in Anaheim, the Angels finished 72-90, good for the franchise's worst record since 1999.

What, precisely, inspires confidence that Ausmus can be the next big thing in Houston, let alone capable of restoring order in a clubhouse that desperately needs a loud, commanding voice?

Ausmus is a capable candidate in that he seems like a nice guy and good interview, but he's highly inadequate when it comes to managing personalities. Yes, he's quite bad at something that includes the word "managing." The only similarities between Ausmus and the Astros is a garbage can, in that Houston employed one in their infamous cheating scandal and that Brad's past resume belongs in a dumpster.

Obscenities aside, Ausmus deserves another opportunity in coaching. However, it should not be as the head man, especially not for a franchise with this much talent and so much to lose. He will ruin whatever cache Jim Crane's team has left, pretending to embrace new-age analytics every step of the way.

He is, for lack of a better term, a trash candidate, but perhaps that's fitting.

Houston's search is far-ranging and includes managerial candidates from all walks of life, and perhaps the front office is just doing its due diligence on a friendly face. If the Astros are serious about earning back our trust and their reputation as a fair, clean winner, Ausmus is not the man for the job.