Booger McFarland's Bad Lamar Jackson Take Has Been Unearthed and It's Flaming Garbage

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst and reliable source of boneheaded commentary Booger McFarland was himself one of the people who doubted Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

During the Ravens' 45-6 beatdown of the Los Angeles Rams, Booger outed himself as one of the critics who stated that Jackson should move to wide receiver, even after he won the Heisman Trophy at Louisville.

To give Booger credit, he was man enough to admit he was totally wrong and apologized profusely several times over the course of the broadcast, which is more than can be said of all of Lamar's critics.

Jackson had the best game of his career, as he threw as many touchdown passes as incompletions (5). With 24 touchdown passes and just five interceptions on the season, he has silenced all of his critics as he has blitzed out to the front of the MVP race.

Lamar heard all the running back jokes and saw all the evaluations that pegged him as a wide receiver. Not only has he proven he can play quarterback at this level, but he's possibly just a few games away from notching his first MVP award.