Bob Stoops' Quote About His Return to Coaching Paints Bleak Picture of His Life Without Football

Bob Stoops
The Dallas Renegades head coach didn't enjoy retirement at all. | Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Bob Stoops has made his return to coaching football, but it seems he has faced his fair share of struggles away from the game.

The Dallas Renegades skipper spoke on his life without the game during his break from coaching, and things sound like they didn't go too well with a football-sized hole in his everyday life.

"The first year was incredibly awful," he said. "The second year was awful. And the third year was just really bad." Though he seemed to be talking about the subject with a bit of levity, it still doesn't sound like he had all that great a time away from the gridiron.

He missed football terribly in retirement, so much so that he couldn't bear being away from it any longer.

Stoops retired from football in 2017 after an 11-2 season with the Oklahoma Sooners, capping off stretch in which he won 190 games and a National Championship.

It was a shocking move, one that he probably wasn't ready for in hindsight.

But hey, now he has a chance to get back into the swing of things in the XFL. The last few years might have been painful for him, but now he can do what he loves once more.