Bob Arum Isn't Sure Muhammad Ali Could Beat Tyson Fury and That's Sacrilegious

Bob Arum thinks Tyson Fury could beat Ali
Bob Arum thinks Tyson Fury could beat Ali / MB Media/Getty Images

Top Rank's Bob Arum first made his name as a promoter for Muhammed Ali during his glory days, but he doesn't seem to think the greatest heavyweight who ever lived would necessarily fare well against the best modern heavyweights.

In a rather sacrilegious interview, Arum said that a prime Ali might not even beat current lineal and WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, as Fury is a much better athlete than the fighters Ali took on, and presents the kind of imposing size not seen in the old days.

When Ali was fighting, he was considered a big heavyweight while standing barely 6-3, Arum said. "He never fought great athletes who were 6-6, 6-9. How would he have fared against a guy with that bulk and that size and that athletic ability?”

I'll tell you how he would have fared, Bob. He's taking the 6-9 Fury down.

Despite rising to prominence as a promoter for Ali, Arum has compared several top boxers to the one true GOAT, saying that Fury -- whom he also promotes -- can "follow in the footsteps" of Ali and George Foreman. Additionally, he declared that another one of his fighters, Ukranian superstar Vasyl Lomchenko, is the greatest talent that he has seen since Ali came around.

Well, then.

You'd think if anyone in boxing would want to keep the memory of Ali alive and well today, it would be Arum. Unfortunately, ol' Bob doesn't seem to think the most singular, unforgettable figure in all of boxing would be all that legendary today.