Bob Arum Proposes Ridiculous Conor McGregor vs. Terence Crawford 2-Fight Boxing and MMA Crossover

Can Bob Arum actually get a MMA/Boxing crossover event to happen?
Can Bob Arum actually get a MMA/Boxing crossover event to happen? | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After Conor McGregor's win at UFC 246, many different names were dropped regarding his next possible opponent. From Jorge Masvidal to Nate Diaz, and everyone in between, it seems everyone in the UFC wants a crack at knocking out McGregor.

Now it seems fighters from other fighting disciplines want a chance to cash-in on Conor's revived fighting status. After Floyd Mayweather teased an ad for a possible rematch in the boxing ring, Bob Arum has thrown out the idea that world champion Terence Crawford could fight McGregor.

Don't know what the response is going to be unless you try, right Bob? I mean just the thought of this is ridiculous. Terence Crawford is a title holder in one of boxing's toughest weight classes, and McGregor right now is just a contender at best. The Mayweather/McGregor boxing fight was a money-grab, and this is just another attempt at that.

Conor would have no shot in a boxing match. Crawford would have no shot in a MMA bout. That is the cold reality, and any further ideas of anyone attempting a crossover event should be stopped before it reaches the media, and ridiculed again.