Blue Jays Throw Cold Water on Nate Pearson Bandwagon

Toronto Blue Jays starter Nate Pearson
Toronto Blue Jays starter Nate Pearson / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Toronto Blue Jays have a potential star in their hands in right-handed starter Nate Pearson, who routinely tops 100 miles per hour. Blue Jay fans excited to see him make his pro debut in 2020 might be disappointed, however, as Toronto isn't going to force him to be a reliever on the big league club this year.

Ross Atkins confirmed that he isn't going to make Pearson a relief pitcher that could help out the 2020 squad, hinting that keeping him as a starter is "what's going to be best for his development."

Pearson has a 2.19 ERA in the minor leagues, striking out more than a batter per inning on the back of his blistering fastball and wipeout slider.

Pushing prospects to the pros too quickly is a good way to ruin their career, and the Blue Jays are doing everything they can to make sure Pearson's path to the pros isn't impeded or messed up in any fashion.

Pearson has as much potential as any right-handed pitching prospect currently in the minor leagues, and Toronto knows what he can bring to the rotation. They are wise to be overly cautions with regards to how they handle him.

They won't argue with an extra year of control, either. Sorry, Jays fans.