Blue Jays Become One of First MLB Teams to Release Statement on Weekend George Floyd Protests

The Toronto Blue Jays delivered a response to George Floyd's death.
The Toronto Blue Jays delivered a response to George Floyd's death. / Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

As the MLB continues to struggle with issues in regards to the start of the 2020 season, one team has taken its focus to a larger issue dominating the globe at the moment.

Following George Floyd's death and ensuing protests, the Toronto Blue Jays took to social media to express their reaction to the events, voicing awareness of the problems at hand and lobbying for a united move forward.

In part, the statement declares, "system racism, discrimination, and bigotry has taken too many lives. We stand with the Black Community. Enough is Enough." The Blue Jays conclude by defining what lies next. "Together, we must all take meaningful action, use our voices, and influence the change that is so desperately needed."

Shockingly, one of the first MLB teams to issue a public response to Floyd's death lies outside of the United States, adding emphasis to the statement, "racism has no borders."

Toronto is not alone in voicing their organizational opinion, either. With Floyd's death occurring in downtown Minnesota, the Twins were the first to deliver a statement, expressing their focus on engaging with the community.

As players across the league take to social media and protest racial injustice, teams are beginning to do the same as well. The Blue Jays represent one of the first without even being in the United States, emphasizing the extent and impact of Floyd's death and the need for change throughout the world.