Looking Back on the Worthless Blue Jays-Indians Trade for Josh Donaldson

Former Cleveland Indians slugger Josh Donaldson
Former Cleveland Indians slugger Josh Donaldson / Jason Miller/Getty Images

There's no worse feeling than your team trying to make a splash at the trade deadline (or in years past, the waiver deadline in August) and coming up with the short end of the stick.

This has been the case with numerous deals over the years in the MLB, and one that sticks out is the Blue Jays-Indians trade in 2018 involving Josh Donaldson. Looking back on the results for the Indians, this deal is arguably deemed worthless.

The Blue Jays received pitching prospect Julian Merryweather, a then 27-year-old coming off Tommy John surgery and a disaster 2017 season on the injured list.

As for the Indians, they acquired the oft-injured third baseman in a low-risk high-reward move to help them make a World Series run. However, the Tribe didn't get what they needed from the former AL MVP.

While Donaldson delivered during the regular season, hitting .280 with 8 runs scored, 3 home runs, 7 RBI and a .920 OPS in 16 games, he disappeared in the postseason, going 1-for-11 with four strikeouts and one walk. One single, zero runs scored, zero RBI in three games.

And with Merryweather having only reached High-A ball, it's safe to say this trade did a whole lot of nothing for everyone involved.