Bloodied Up Tyson Fury Wins in Unanimous Decision Over Otto Wallin in Epic 12-Round Showdown

Tyson Fury v Otto Wallin
Tyson Fury v Otto Wallin / David Becker/Getty Images

Tyson Fury got bloodied up in the third round after a strong hook from Otto Wallin, leaving the British giant with an open gash above his right eye. However, the fight was not ended, as the wound was considering containable, allowing things to progress all the way through to the final bell, with Fury slowly amassing a bigger pool of blood over his eye.

Wallin put up a great fight, but ultimately the Gypsy King was named the winner in a unanimous decision, despite his bloody face, after dominating a fatigued Wallin throughout the middle rounds.

Fury was fighting the bout at risk of losing to technical knockout during the match, but was able to continue fighting, largely thanks to his cut-man, who was consistently applying grease to the wound, limiting the bleeding.

In his post-fight interview, Fury admitted he struggled to see out of his left eye, but ultimately he was able to prevail, landing over 100 power punches on his opponent.

The fight had a bit of everything, and Wallin certainly put himself on the map for some future bouts. The 30-1 underdog put on quite the show, and while he wasn't crowned victorious, he certainly put in a shift worthy of holding his head high.

Fury will set his eyes on his next fight, and he's already amped up, calling out Deontay Wilder in his post-fight comments.