Blake Snell Has Officially Flip-Flopped on His Coronavirus Take Since Spring Training

Tampa Bay Rays lefty Blake Snell
Tampa Bay Rays lefty Blake Snell / Bob Levey/Getty Images

While most MLB players want to return to action as soon as possible, provided the financial end of things is tied up and the league provides players with adequate testing for the coronavirus, Tampa Bay Rays left and former Cy Young winner Blake Snell upped the stakes on Wednesday.

In a Twitch stream, Snell said that he is willing to sit out the entire season if not properly compensated, adding that he fears the risks of a coronavirus infection should play resume soon.

Snell's fear of getting infected is shared by many, but Snell himself didn't seem to think this coronavirus was anything to be scared of just a few months ago.

During Spring Training, Snell said that he doesn't think getting infected with the virus would be a big deal for him, which doesn't sound like the same sentiment coming from the guy who is basically refusing to play in the 2020 season.

Once the poster boy for shrugging at the disease, Snell is now singing a very different tune.

Not only can Snell manage to both minimize and overstate the impact coronavirus would have on him in two separate statements, but his recent comments were so inflammatory that it will cause a good chunk of fans to turn against players and side with owners in a money and labor dispute. That's some impressive tone-deafness.