Bill Belichick is Clearly Bored of Answering Antonio Brown Questions Months After Cutting Him

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

If there is one thing in this world Bill Belichick hates, it's media members asking him what he believes to be stupid questions. The latest media onslaught that Belichick has to deal with relates to Antonio Brown, as the disgraced wide receiver who was cut after Week 2 recently posted an apology to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft as he tries to work his way back on to the football field.

Belichick is laser-focused on the Dallas Cowboys, and doesn't feel like entertaining questions about Brown.

Brown, who is currently being investigated by the NFL after a former personal trainer came forward with allegations of sexual assault, has not played in the NFL since the Pats cut him following a win over the Miami Dolphins.

Many expect the wide receiver-needy Patriots to be first in line for Brown's services should he end up back in the league's good graces. Based on Belichick's reaction to more AB questions, however, that seems very unlikely.

Taking on the bombastic Brown and trying to force him to assimilate into the new England locker room was a classic Belichick move, but this one didn't pan out like Randy Moss. For now, if reporters are smart, they'll stop asking the head man in New England about Brown.