Big Ten's Explanation for Penn State Touchdown Reversal is a Complete Joke

The Big Ten did not make any Penn State fans happy when they overturned a fairly obvious touchdown in their game against Iowa.

It doesn't seem like they're going to do anything to appease them, either. The Big Ten officials have apparently described the decision to overturn the ruling as a "judgement call" and that there would be no further explanation.

Uh... what? They're literally refusing to give a valid explanation as to why the call was overturned?

Nittany Lions tight end Pat Freiermuth dove for the end zone and seemingly reached the ball across the goal line before his body touched the ground. You can judge for yourself.

But your judgement will fall on deaf ears, as the Big Ten officials seemed adamant their decision was correct.

The officials ruled it a touchdown on the field, but overturned the call after replay. They marked the ball at the one-foot line, but Penn State eventually settled for a field goal.

On the bright side, the lack of officiating justice might not matter considering Penn State walked away with a 17-12 victory, though this touchdown could easily have shifted the momentum.