Bengals Would Be Morons to Even Entertain Dolphins' Offer for Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow
LSU Tigers quarterback and draft prospect Joe Burrow | Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

It's a given, at this point, that the Cincinnati Bengals will draft LSU quarterback Joe Burrow with the first pick in the NFL draft, as long as they keep it.

But if anything could persuade Cincy to dump their plans, it would be a godfather offer from the one team that can really weather it. NFL Insider Armando Salguero says the Miami Dolphins are going to make a proposition to convince the Bengals trade out of their spot. If the Bengals do this, it will be the franchise's dumbest decision in recent memory, a period full of similarly poor decisions.

We understand the temptation, but this is certainly the time to go for the sure thing instead.

Joe Burrow was lights out in 2019. He threw for 5,671 yards. He threw 60 touchdowns. He averaged 10.8 yards per attempt. He's the best quarterback in the draft, and it's not close. Period. End of discussion. Yet it seems the Bengals could be willing to engage in further discussion.

The Bengals' benched Andy Dalton and his moderate ceiling in 2019, and it's clear they're ready to move on. They need a quarterback, not a singular defensive player, and Burrow is the best option in the draft and free agency. If they moved out of that position, it's likely they could pick up Tua Tagovailoa with the No. 5 pick from Miami. While Tagovailoa is a great prospect, he comes with both injury baggage and next-level performance questions. Why take a risk you don't have to?

By picking the national champion, the Bengals will have a better opportunity to thrive than they've had in years. They need extreme talent to elevate their floundering franchise, and it doesn't get much more extreme than adding a face like Burrow. Sure, extra draft picks would be nice, but an elite quarterback is priceless. The Bengals need to stop making things hard on themselves and do what everyone has long assumed they would do.