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Bears WR Allen Robinson Goes off on Fantasy Football Owner for Calling Him Weak on Twitter

There are a lot of trolls on Twitter and the average person is ready to go after professional athletes when they the get the chance. Of course, they don't actually expect a response behind the safety of their own keyboard. Think again.

If you want to dish it out to Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson, he'll give it right back.

A guy by the name of Bryan Ramirez quote tweeted Robinson for calling the new concept for the Toronto Raptors NBA Championship ring 'weak'. Ramirez thought it was clever to talk about how 'weak' it is to draft Robinson in fantasy every year.

That garnered this strong response from Robinson.

Robinson didn't stop there.

He made fun of the dude's teeth, blew up his profile pic and continued to rip it. Not to mention, this Finding Nemo gif is next-level clever.

I'd say Robinson went out of his way to troll this guy pretty good. Surely it's unlikely he'll draft the former Penn State wideout in fantasy football ever again.