Bears RB Tarik Cohen Calls Out Barstool for Promoting Video of Saints Calling Him Short

It seems as if everyone is getting on the Chicago Bears after their disappointing loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Much of the slander was directed towards Mitchell Trubisky for his awful game, but the other players couldn't avoid strange criticism as well, including Tarik Cohen.

Towards the end of the game, a few of the Saints defenders could be seen taunting Cohen over his height, and the clip went semi-viral in the aftermath of the loss.

The 5-6 Cohen didn't take too kindly to Barstool's caption, so he called them out for pointing out what everyone already knew.

Bears star receiver Allen Robinson also chimed in to defend his teammate.

Cohen did make a fair point, as Barstool's post was pretty unoriginal and just seemed to be clowning him for no real reason (echoing New Orleans' karma-inducing taunt). But at the same time, this is what you should expect to face as an athlete on a team with relatively high expectations if they aren't met.

The only way for Cohen to silence these haters is with a Chicago win next Sunday against the Chargers.