Bears QB Nick Foles Reveals He's Been Shaken by George Floyd Protests in Powerful Statement

Chicago Bears QB Nick Foles is conflicted at this moment.
Chicago Bears QB Nick Foles is conflicted at this moment.

Much of America remains disoriented as a difficult week in this country ends with several more bangs.

In the wake of the wrongful death of George Floyd, protests have broken out across the country, with emergent violence often disrupting the peace.

Count Super Bowl champion QB Nick Foles among those who've been significantly shaken -- the new Chicago Bear, who's seen his city ravaged, has retreated into his faith to attempt to make sense of things.

It's only natural, after all. With a pandemic still simmering in this country, and the nation bursting apart at the seams and catalyzed by more violence, this does feel downright biblical.

Foles makes sure to note that the glory that comes from his football career is thanks, in large part, to the everlasting bonds between men of disparate races and creeds. The victory he tasted in Super Bowl LII came from 53 men acting as one, something he certainly wishes could happen on a national scale.

The QB's attempt to be an ally in his own way certainly did not fall on deaf ears.

Foles is not the only man who's currently dizzied by the national discourse, and his statement certainly went above and beyond in an effort to explain his confusion and faith during these trying times.