Bart Scott Flat-Out Says Odell Beckham Jr. is Getting Traded This Offseason

Bart Scott flat out says the Odell Beckham Jr. is going to get traded out of Cleveland.
Bart Scott flat out says the Odell Beckham Jr. is going to get traded out of Cleveland. / Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

When Odell Beckham Jr. was shipped off from the New York Giants to the Cleveland Browns by general manager Dave Gettleman, the football world was in complete and utter shock. Now, it looks like there might be another trade involving Beckham that could shake the football world.

According to Bart Scott of ESPN New York's "Bart and Hahn" radio show, Beckham is as good as gone in Cleveland.

Beckham being sent out of Cleveland would naturally be a blockbuster move, but we can't say it's one nobody saw coming.

During the Browns' incredibly difficult 2019 season that saw high expectations fall back to earth by way of a 6-10 record, Beckham was reportedly yelling at teams before and after games to "come get [him]."

There have also been reports that no wide receiver is safe with the incoming draft class being so deep at that position. After all, DeAndre Hopkins getting dealt out of Houston means pretty much anything is possible.

Beckham has been billed as a top talent in the NFL ever since he made headlines with his iconic catch on Monday Night Football in 2014 as a member of the Giants. Now with the Browns, he's struggled to stay healthy and produce at the level he did in New York.

The trade might be good for both sides, as the Browns have enough young talent to possibly build a winning team without Beckham, and Beckham can get out of Cleveland's losing ways. Either way, if Scott is correct, there's going to be a team whose receiving corps is going to a look a heck of a lot more exciting in 2020.