Auburn Fined Huge Sum of Money by SEC for Fans Rushing Field After Iron Bowl

Auburn Tigers rejoice following Iron Bowl victory
Auburn Tigers rejoice following Iron Bowl victory | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Following an unreal shootout in Saturday's Iron Bowl, the majority of fans in attendance for Auburn's upset over No. 5 Alabama flooded the field in a fit of joy.

Monday, their school is being hit with a hefty fine for this celebration, after basking in the afterglow.

The Tigers will have to pony up $250,000 for their students' indiscretions, though what school wouldn't celebrate dethroning Bama in this manner?

While the school may disagree, I imagine that the price of celebrating this improbable victory was worth every penny for the fans involved. Any victory over an in-state rival is sweet, but to beat a team that has been a thorn in your side for over 70 years? You cannot put a price on that. With Alabama now (likely) out of the CFB Playoff, this Auburn team has established itself as a perfect spoiler squad in the annals of sports history.

While the celebration taxation handed down by the SEC was bad, one fan happened to pay the price for celebrating way before the school was hit with such a massive fine.

Hopefully, this woman was okay. As for the school, I'm sure somebody has already started a GoFundMe page to pay off this fine, as a thank you for knocking the Crimson Tide out of the National Championship picture.