Auburn Dean Tells Professors to Allow Extra Second on Exams Following Iron Bowl Clock Controversy

Auburn dean trolls Alabama after Iron Bowl clock controversy
Auburn dean trolls Alabama after Iron Bowl clock controversy

The Dean of Auburn's Liberal Arts College has absolutely no chill when it comes to the Iron Bowl.

Dean Joe Aistrup sent out a comical email relating Final Exams to the clock controversy that has Alabama Crimson Tide fans up in arms.

Aistrup is on another level with this trolling as most of the nation laughs along with him at the demise of the Tide.

By telling professors to add just one tick to the clock countdown during exams, Aistrup is referencing the one second at the end of the first half of the Iron Bowl which allowed Auburn to kick a field goal that arguably won them the game.

In fairness, Nick Saban has a right to be upset at this decision. There is no way in hell Auburn should be able to get a kick off with a one second running clock.

Yet, there were other reasons the Tide weren't able to come away with a win on the Plains, including their inability to stop Bo Nix and an astounding 13 penalties racked up by a normally composed team. There's no reason Aistrup can't have some fun at their expense.