Aubrey Huff's Latest Tweet Will Finally Prove to Everyone He's an Absolute Lunatic

Aubrey Huff continues to be absolutely reprehensible on Twitter
Aubrey Huff continues to be absolutely reprehensible on Twitter /

You've heard former Tampa Bay Rays and San Francisco Giants All-Star Aubrey Huff's repulsive views on marriage, women, Iran, and American politics, but have you read his apocryphal apocalypse prediction designed to frighten an already terrorized nation? Somehow, it's just as bad as some of his most regrettable tweets, if not the worst thing he's ever done.

Huff, owner of one of the most garish Twitter accounts still active on the platform, claimed that the coronavirus pandemic is being used as an "excuse" to get people to stay inside, as a "doomsday asteroid" is supposed to hit the planet in three weeks.

For all you anxious people out there, this is not true. Huff was just being annoying again.

Huff later tried to backpedal and claim that this was some sort of social experiment to show how gullible people are, again pointing the finger at the mainstream media.

Of course he would say this. Simply disgusting.

Huff has said nothing of value on this platform for years now, and he somehow continues to hit new depths with each passing month. If you're somehow so depraved that you actually enjoy Huff's tweets, hopefully this latest bit of weirdness will finally help you swear off Huff for good. If you still view Huff in a positive light after all of this, you need to do some serious self-reflection.